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The Shadowrun Electric Mod

This is a non-intrusive mod for creators that features:

  • Custom icons for items, abilities etc in your Content Pack's art folder

  • Body 3D transforms for child, teen, fat and "slim ork" characters

You need to distribute this mod with your UGC or make it a requirement in order for it to work


Custom icons

To add and use your own custom icons you just need to create a folder called customui in your /art folder and drop your icon images there.

Body 3D Transforms

You just need the mod installed and the campaign Editor. By including the words child, teen, slimork or fat in your Actor Spawner prop name or in the Character Instance Sheet ID, a set of transforms will be applied to the actor prefab (only for bipeds) to make them look like kids, teenagers, fatter or make SRR/DFDC orks look less cartoonish. 

Transforms were tested to work in PDA and Equip Screen, Matrix dimension and Matrix Equip Screens, and are also carried through scene transitions.

Get the Mod on Nexusmods for:

Shadowrun Returns

DragonFall Director's Cut

Shadowrun Hong Kong

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