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3D Body Transforms for Characters!

A new update for SRR Electric Mod is out, and it now allows 3D body transforms from the Editor (simple!) for all three games in the trilogy.

This non-intrusive code mod uses transforms to allow smaller (younger), "slim orks" or overweight human and metahuman 3D models, allowing more variety and believability for your sprawl citizens. Once installed, everything is enabled through the editor and character sheets.

The "fat" transform basically makes characters look heavier like Ms. Kubota.

The transform called "SlimOrk" makes SRR/DFDC orks less bulky. I remember some guys in old forums wanted prettier/less cartoonish orks for SRR and DFDC and there it is! This one works for orks only. But then of course, bulky orks are not a problem in Shadowrun Hong Kong.

Only for biped models

Does not work for Player 0 (PC0) characters that were created from the Character Creation Screen. It will work if PC0 is loaded from Character Sheet.

Weapon and cyberdeck size are preserved, if you're going to arm kids (the troll guns and decks look really over-sized on the little trolls). Flattened chests on children to limit pecs / breast size.

Click on the mod pages to read further.

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