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AI Improvements in SRR Electric mod

In the original game code the AI yellow and red alerts were only enabled on debug mode. This mechanic was left out in the final release. I enabled them for regular game mode, so the editor trigger "On AI Red Alert" will now work (It didn't). Also, the game was not using the constants AI_PERCEPTION_YELLOWALERT_BONUS and AI_PERCEPTION_REDALERT_BONUS anywhere, so I decided that they be subtracted as penalties for the player in the enemy perception check that was already taking into account drawn weapons, alarm status, disguises and credentials. Also added, guards will enter yellow alert if they hear noise. That means normal perception guards will "smart up" and see through disguises if they hear suspicious noise. Default values for yellow and red are 5 and 10, but they can be changed for the whole UGC with the trigger System - Modify Constant. I use 20 and 40, because that will scale a Dim perception guard to Normal upon yellow alert and to Smart upon red alert.

This changes are not useful for DFDC or HK because these sequels offer no option to holster weapons once in turn-based mode, so SRR Electric mod for them remains unchanged.

This improved AI won't affect the vanilla Dead Man's Switch campaign, because disguises were used only without alerts, and on freemove mode.

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