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Roadmap for Demo Release

Updated: Jul 27, 2023

In late September progress had to grind to a halt due to personal and more holistic reasons. As mid December comes, I'll be on my holidays to dedicate full days to the project once again.

The good news is that only a few more things are left to complete the Bounty Runner Demo. I can't deliver it as is because I can't deliver something that is missing assets, even if it's a demo.

The Demo is intended to end as soon as the first boss is defeated.

I'm also happy to announce that backer rewards will be working with triggers in the Demo.

Here is the roadmap ahead for release of the Demo:

Human Female Iran


- fix new animations that leave characters tilted once they finish playing (DONE)

- fix new AR-15 model not having muzzle flash at the muzzle

- 9 more portraits for Iran, who can be of all 10 combinations of metahuman race and sex (5 x 2) (DONE)

- Portraits for Polokhov and a couple more notable NPCs (DONE)

- Dog spirit summon and banish animations (Armitage gets a summonable Dog spirit after all) (DONE)

- Underwear outfits (now that core dressable characters can be butt naked)

- An outfit for the backer that got the Distinctive Runner backer reward

- Torch drone prefab, that provides light in dark areas

- Prefabs: Rachel, Polokhov and Hagane


- The investigation for Polokhov and first boss fight (A first mission is done, maybe for the demo this road for the first boss will be simpler than it will be in the final version)

- Map for the first boss fight

- Create a small talismonger shop in Touristville

- Create a small outfit shop for backers somewhere in town (DONE)

- Complete dialogs with learnt keywords for Armitage, Molly, Macklusky, Glory and Ms. Kubota (Halfway through)

- Option to get a loan from loan sharks in Touristville

- Random encounter mechanics (might be left out of the Demo)

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