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Shadowrun Electric Mods and Lore

Dedicated to the "Bounty Runner" RPG campaign in Shadowrun's Seattle and modding for the Shadowrun Returns trilogy

The Seattle Metroplex is a mess. Mostly radioactive and run by an odd mix of mobs and corporations, it has become a destination for the desperate, misfits, and escaped androids. Andys can collectively influence each other in the Matrix, and  the Rosen Corp does not want that influence anywhere near its newly built androids. Some andys like Roy Baty are curious about their origins, while others just want to blend in and be forgotten. You wish you could sell the oversized apartment in the Redmond Barrens and emigrate. But you can't, because of your job. So maybe you'll just buy a real awakened beast, because magic will be what separates animated life from humanoid robots and transhumanist AI constructs with no essence. It's August 8th, 2057 and the UCAS is about to have its first dragon President, as the Great Dunkelzahn is about to be declared winner.


Philip K. Dick's "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?" is an iconic novel about artificial human-like beings and their hunter. It reached pop-culture status with the 1982 movie "Blade Runner", which was much less a faithful adaptation of the novel than a very inspired visual representation of Dick's universe and the trendsetter for cyberpunk looks and feel. Shadowrun brought magic and mythical creatures to the cyberpunk universe, as well as the Shadowrun Returns computer games and the ability to create our own stories in this system. With the Shadowrun campaign editor and game modding skills, Dave, yours truly, means to create a meaningful story that gives players certain degrees of freedom as a BOUNTY RUNNER in the Sixth World's Seattle.

Shadowrun Electric Mod for creators is out and it's novahot.

Bounty Runner/DADOES UGC and Mod to be released in Nexusmods: Roadmap for Demo Release

First Preview:

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What is Shadowrun Returns?

The Shadowrun Returns Trilogy are three single-player computer RPG games based on the Shadowrun fantasy cyberpunk tabletop RPG system, as well as a throwback to the isometric SNES game "Shadowrun" (and hence, "Returns"). The first one, Shadowrun Returns, was released in 2013. The game developers created the main story campaigns using a campaign editor and made the same editor available with the game so that players could create their own UGC (User Generated Content).

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